Although we may all prefer to stay indoors as the weather turns, many day to day trips are often unavoidable. Driving in snowy or icy conditions can be dangerous, so it important that you are not only fully prepared for your journey, but also know how best to handle your vehicle in these conditions. In the latest B.J. Banning blog post we discuss winter driving tips.


One of the main things to remember when driving in the snow is that your car will take a lot longer to stop. When driving in such conditions, keep an eye on what is going further ahead. If you see a red light in the distance, begin slowing down early. Be aware that other drivers around you may not take as much caution as you, so slowing down early will ensure that drivers behind you also do the same. Best practice is to try to slow down enough to avoid stopping completely.

Driving Uphill

Applying extra acceleration when going up an icy hill is likely to make your wheels spin. Avoid this by getting some inertia going on the flat road before the hill. As you reach the top of the hill, slow down and proceed slowly downwards.

Avoid Cruise Control

If driving on a slippery surface, avoid using cruise control and be more aware of adapting your driving to the conditions. If you’re driving on roads that you know well, it can be easy to “switch off”, but remaining alert and paying closer attention to bends in the road is of paramount importance.

Our next winter driving tips focus on long-distance driving:

Ensure your vehicle is in top condition and perform checks on all lights, your brakes, tyres and fuel level.

Take blankets, a fully charged mobile phone, (only to be used when parked safely) water and any medication required for yourself or your passengers.

If you do get stuck, tie a brightly coloured piece of cloth to your antenna or jam it in a rolled up window to help rescue teams find you.

Let others know where you are going, your intended route and approximate time of arrival.

We hope you have found our winter driving tips helpful. If you require a vehicle service before you embark on a long-distance journey, please call a member of our team on 0121 327 2741.

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