The maintenance of your car tyres is vital for the safety, performance and efficiency of your vehicle. Tyre failure is the cause of countless accidents every year so keep yourself protected and make sure your tyres are fully functional, keep on top of your tyres by checking them regularly.

Familiarise Yourself with Your Tread Pattern

Checking the deterioration of your tread is the simplest measure in determining tyre wear. Regularly check the tread wear bars of your tyres, they will gradually start to become even with the tread as it wears down and once the tread is below 1.6mm your tyres are no longer safe and should be replaced immediately.

If during your checks you notice uneven or irregular tread wear it is a sign your car needs to be serviced. Irregular tread wear or accelerated tread wear can be a sign of problems with suspension, wheel misalignment or indicative of the need for tyre rotation. In the case of rotation it is recommended that they be moved in pairs from front to back.

Always Be Sure, Don’t Make a Guess

Tyre life cannot be predicted, it is recommended that tyres be changed every 6 years but it is vital to keep an eye on the signs of ageing. Before undertaking any long journey we wholly recommend you check both your tyre pressure and your tread depths and check for any signs of side wall damage or irregular wear to make sure your vehicle meets optimum safety standards.

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