Here at BJ Banning, we know what brake issues can be some of the most problematic for motorists – quite often, you don’t notice until it’s (expensively) too late.

Thankfully, in our latest article, we have identified a few brake problems that can be particularly common. These include spongy braking, hard braking, shuddering brakes, grinding brakes, a calliper problem, and brake light issues.

‘Spongy’ Braking

Spongy braking can be recognised by a brake feeling soft when it’s applied, and it can also be a sign that brakes are about to completely stop functioning. There may be a variety of reasons why this problem occurs, including a leak, low fluid, or because of air bubbles.

Too Much Force Needed

Hard braking involves a driver having to stop a car by applying a great deal of force to the brake pedal. Various leaks or a kink in the line can result in this type of problem.

If brakes need more pressure to be applied than usual, to halt your vehicle, this can be an early indicator of worn brakes. When wheels make squeaking and scraping noises following braking this can be another sign that brakes may be very worn. Another sign of braking issues are when a vehicle pulls to the right or left when brakes are applied.

Noticeable Vibrations During Braking

When a car and its steering wheel experiences vibration during braking this is typically a sign of shuddering brakes. Reasons for this issue can include warped rotors, which have been affected by too much heat, or by brake pads that have been worn down.

Dashboard Warning Lights

When a brake light is on this can be caused by anything from a faulty sensor to a leak. A faulty wheel sensor will typically be the cause of an ABS light being on even after the car has been started.

Motorists shouldn’t wait for their brake warning light to appear if they think they have a problem, but should go and have their vehicle checked out – and repaired if necessary.

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