Although the cold and wet months pose their own set of risks for drivers, the heat of the summer can also have its own set of challenges. In the latest post from B.J. Banning Limited, we take a look at summer safety tips.

Your Vehicle

The heat of the summer may exacerbate existing issues, so if you know that you’ve been holding off an inspection for a while, it may be time to get your car looked over by the professionals.

To keep your car as cool as possible, be sure to ensure that all windows and doors are shut before you turn on the air conditioning. Additionally, you may consider investing in a sunshade for your car that prevents sunlight from entering in through your window when the car is not in use.

Travelling with Dogs

If you are travelling with a dog in the car, there will be several precautions to take. Whilst many of us are familiar with being on the road, our dogs may not be. Before travelling, check traffic reports to ensure that you won’t be delayed and plan appropriate stopping points where you and your dog can both get out of the car. You may also wish to invest in a waterproof covering, in case your dog needs the toilet whilst you’re on the road.

For safety, you will also need to ensure that your dog has its own cage or appropriate harness that can be connected to the seatbelt of your car. You may find that your dog settles much better when they are not given free reign of the vehicle, as they feel safer.

Another necessity when travelling with dogs is to ensure a fresh supply of water. You can typically find non-spill water bowls in your local pet store.


Higher temperatures will increase the risk of a tyre blowout if they at the wrong pressure or already damaged. Consequently, before you travel, be sure to check all tyres, as well as the tyres on anything you may be towing.

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