Your car will naturally make several noises, from the ticking of the indicator to the beep of the horn. However, there are few unnatural sounds your car should definitely not make. Unfortunately, it can be very easy to become accustomed to these noises as you drive along.

In the latest blog post by B.J. Banning Limited, we discuss the telltale signs that your car requires a new clutch.

If your car requires a new clutch, you may experience some of the below signs:

Difficulty in changing gear
The pedal feels spongy, sticky, loose or is vibrating when pressed
Noticing a squeaking or grumbling sound when pressing the clutch
Ability to rev the engine but poor acceleration
A “slipping clutch” – which causes a momentary loss of acceleration

What Does My Clutch Do?

In simple terms, your clutch allows you to change gear and bring the car to a complete stop, whilst the engine is still running. The clutch allows the car to stop whilst the engine is running by separating the engine from the wheels.

How Long Will My Clutch Last?

Unfortunately, there is no one specific answer to this. There are various factors that can contribute to the wear of your clutch, including your individual driving style. On average, a clutch may last between 50,000 and 100,000 miles, but some may last a lot longer, depending on the quality of your car and how well it is maintained.

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