Most car batteries will look similar to each other but it is important to note that they can differ greatly in capacity, output, performance and technology. Consequently, choosing the correct battery for your car should never be left to chance.

Battery Lifespan

Just like most things, a car battery has a finite lifespan. There is not an exact number of years a car battery will power your car, however, there are certain factors that can contribute to the wear and tear of the battery.

The way you use your vehicle can naturally affect the lifespan of your car’s battery. Leaving your car unused for extended periods will mean that the battery will self-discharge. What’s more, if you only use your vehicle for very short distances, it may not give the battery enough time to fully recharge.

Another factor that can affect the lifespan of a car battery is how much heat it is exposed to. Heat facilitates the chemical reaction that car batteries use to generate electricity. However, this heat can also contribute to the degradation of the battery.

Whilst there are many warning signs that you can look out for, all of which can be found in our blog post “Signs That You Need a New Car Battery”, not all cars will demonstrate these signs, meaning that you could be caught short miles from home.

What Should I do With a Dead Battery?

It is important to note that dead batteries can not just be put in the bin. Vehicle batteries contain lead dioxide and sulphuric acid which can harm the environment as well as have a detrimental effect on your health. The best way to dispose of a dead vehicle battery is to take it to a recycling centre or reputable scrap metal site. However, if you use a professional battery fitting service, this chore will be carried out for you.

Fitting a new a car battery is now a specialist job, even if you know what battery your car uses. This is because many modern vehicle manufacturers insist that replacement batteries are coded to their Battery Energy Management system. If you would like more information on our wide range of services, please call the team B.J. Banning Limited today on 0121 327 2741. Alternatively, fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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