The condition of your car tyres can make a great difference to your safety on the road. In the latest B.J. Banning Limited blog post, we take a look at the importance of good quality car tyres and how your driving can be affected by those of poor quality.

When you’re driving your car, your tyres are your one and only contact with the road beneath you. Keeping your car balanced and absorbing shocks from the road, good quality car tyres support the entire weight of your car to ensure a comfortable drive.

It is recommended that your tyres have a 1.6mm depth of tread across the central ¾ of the tyre and around the entire circumference. Poor tyres can significantly reduce the performance of your car and increase the necessary distance required for you to safely stop behind another vehicle, thus increasing your risk of skidding. In addition to this, car tyres that are deflated can increase the amount of fuel you consume and heighten your C02 emissions.

Car Tyres: Preventing Damage

Performing regular checks of your car tyres is the only way to spot damage quickly to avoid potentially negative consequences.

If you spot any cuts or bulges in your tyres, it is important that you get these looked into immediately and avoid driving your vehicle until a professional inspection has been carried out.

Regularly checking the pressure of your tyres is important and should be done each month when your tyres are cold. You can find the recommended pressure of your tyres in the car’s manual. Tyres that are too flat will give you less control over your vehicle, whereas those that are overinflated will provide less grip on the road, whilst making breaking less stable.

The team at B.J. Banning Limited have been supplying and fitting high-quality car tyres for many years. If it’s time to get your tyres renewed, call our trusted team on 0121 327 2741.

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