Your car battery plays a vitally important role in the function of your vehicle, and it can cause havoc when it fails to hold a charge or reaches the end of its lifespan. It is, therefore, extremely important to know the common causes of car battery failure to attempt to prevent this happening to you;

1. Leaving the Lights on When the Engine is Off:

Leaving the lights, radio or internal lights on when the engine is not running is one of the main causes of car battery failure. The power that the lights use can easily cause your car’s battery to drain, especially if left on overnight.

2. Not Starting the Car for Extended Periods of Time:

Not using the car for extended periods of time causes it to lose electrical charge. This will eventually result in sulfation and the battery becoming fully discharged. Taking your car for regular journeys will prevent your battery from dying prematurely in this way.

3. Failure of the Alternator:

The battery and the alternator have a symbiotic relationship, and if the alternator fails, your battery will not be able to hold charge. Check which is the faulty component before rushing out to buy a new battery.

4. Lack of Battery Maintenance:

Taking care of your battery could save you pounds. Good practice would be to:

•    Check the water level every couple of months.
•    Use a wire brush to clean the battery terminals a couple of times a year.
•    Protect it from rust by coating it with grease designed to withstand high temperatures.

5. Using the Air Conditioning When the Engine isn’t Running:

Leaving the lights on will cause your battery to fail, and so will using the air conditioning or heating when the engine isn’t running – not to mention you’ll find your air con less effective. If you are in a traffic jam, in very hot or cold weather, it’s best to leave the engine running to prevent a flat battery.

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