Keeping your car well maintained is the key to ensuring it runs smoothly and at its most efficient for years to come. However, for some reason, many people often forget about booking their car in for a service – that is until things start to go wrong. Perhaps you’re a first-time car owner, or you’ve just never had to take your car in for a service – in the latest blog post from B.J. Banning Limited, we take a look at what you can expect from a car service.

Types of Car Service

Generally speaking, there are two types of car service available, an interim service or a full inspection. Whilst the interim service costs a bit less, it also inspects fewer elements of the car. To keep your car in the best condition, it is advised that you have an interim service carried out every 6 months or 6,000 miles and a full service, every 12 months or 12,000 miles.

When you book your car in for a service, you will drop your car off at a pre-arranged time, then leave it with the garage to carry out the service, before picking it back up later on. You may sometimes be able to wait whilst the service gets carried out.

There are many checks carried out during a service that you won’t be able to carry out yourself. However, before you take your car in, you may perform your own checks, including checking all lights on your vehicle work, looking out for lights on the dashboard, your tyre condition and pressure and coolant level.

What Should I Bring to a Car Service?

The mechanics carrying out a service on your car will need full access and will also need to take off the wheels to inspect things thoroughly, such as the brakes. Consequently, ensure that you have the alloy wheel keys or locking nuts.

Secondly, be sure to bring your car service book with you. This will detail when you had elements such as the spark plugs, cabin filters and brake fluids replaced and will help the mechanics assess your car.

Remember that the mechanics servicing your car will not only test the depth of tread on the wheels in use, they’ll also inspect your spare tyre – which is commonly located under the boot. Consequently, you will need to ensure you empty the boot of your vehicle, prior to inspection.

Here at B.J. Banning Limited, we have been carrying out comprehensive car servicing for many years. Our trusted team have built up a solid reputation across Birmingham and we welcome you to contact us. Please call today on 0121 327 2741 or send us your message through our online contact form.

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