Driving in the countryside is a whole different ball game to driving in the city. Whilst some may think that the long stretches of winding road are a doddle in comparison to the congested city lanes, there’s a few things that should be considered if you’re not used to driving in this kind of setting. We’ve already discussed city driving, so in our latest post, we discuss top tips for driving in the countryside.

Road Surfaces

One of the most notable differences between city and rural driving is the road surfaces. When driving through the countryside, you may have to drive on dirt tracks, gravel, concrete or traditional tarmac. Make sure that you adapt your driving to the road surface you are driving on and be prepared to meet other surfaces on your journey.

Drive Within Your Sight

The countryside is full of twists and turns and when there is a lack of pavement, you will often find pedestrians walking along the road. It is particularly important that you only drive within the limits of your sight.

Additionally, if you should see standing water, always take caution. The water could be hiding a pothole, a large rock or something else that could disrupt your driving. Approach at a slow speed and always test your brakes after.

Night Time Driving

The countryside does not have a plethora of clubs, takeaways and 24-hour super-markets to provide the roads with neon light, so something you may notice about driving in the countryside is how dark it gets.

In the winter months, the lighting can change dramatically over the course of an hour, so make sure that you remain alert and turn on your headlights when you need them – if they don’t switch on automatically. Wildlife is abundant in the countryside and you may spot signs for deer. Whilst the general consensus is not to swerve irratically for small wildlife, you should brake and sound your horn if you should see a deer. Hitting the deer could result in injury for both you and the animal, especially during rutting season if the antlers should go through your windscreen.

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