If you rarely use your car, are new to driving or are used to driving in the countryside, taking a trip into the city in your car could prove stressful. Becoming stressed whilst driving can increase your chance of an accident, so in the latest blog post from B.J. Banning, we discuss our top tips for driving in the city.

Car Size

If you know you’ll be driving around the city regularly, a compact car may be your best friend. Finding a parking spot directly outside of the premises you are visiting is almost unheard of, but the size of your car will often play a part in whether this is actually possible or not. Smaller vehicles have a much wider choice when it comes to parking spaces and will make gliding through the busty city streets a little easier.

Manual vs Automatic

Whilst a manual vehicle is the most common in the UK, automatic cars can be great companions when driving in stop-start city traffic. Being able to glide forward without changing gear or using a clutch not only reduces the amount you need to think about, but also makes creeping forward in heavy traffic a little more bearable and smooth – great for passengers that do not like travelling in a car for a long time.

Stay Vigilant

In a busy city environment, it’s even more important to remain alert. Brakes can be slammed on and car doors opened at the side of the road. In busy traffic jams, it can be easy to edge closer and closer to the car in front. However, remember that you may suddenly need to stop and pedestrians can often walk out in front of your vehicle. What’s more, if the car behind you is very close, you will want extra time to stop to avoid them bumping into you.

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