In many parts of Europe, such as Germany, it’s a legal requirement that all vehicles are fitted with winter tyres or all season tyres during the winter weather. If you were to become stuck on German roads or cause an obstruction to traffic due to inappropriate tyres you could be given an on the spot fine.

However, here in the UK there are no such rules – partly down to economic reasons, but it’s mainly due to the fact that large parts of the country don’t actually suffer from severe weather conditions. Nonetheless, winter tyres may be something you wish to consider in preparation for the colder months of the year.

Why Do Winter Tyres Differ?

Winter tyres are manufactured using a high silica rubber compound and have a deep tread, you’ll also notice a symbol on the sidewall, and this will normally be either a snowflake or an image of snow-topped mountains.

Winter tyres are specifically designed to cope with low temperatures; they provide traction performance in icy conditions and on wet roads that summer tyres just can’t compete with.

Should I Buy Winter Tyres?

Deciding whether to invest in a set of winter tyres depends on a number of things. The main thing you need to consider is whether you can justify the cost, if you live in a remote area or your job involves a lot of travelling then it may well be worthwhile to purchase a set of winter tyres. You need to consider how confident you are behind the wheel in snowy conditions as well as the likelihood of you needing to drive in winter weather.

It’s important to remember that winter tyres shouldn’t be used all year round. Just as winter tyres perform better in colder conditions, summer tyres will give better performance in warmer weather when roads are dry. So if you’re looking to purchase winter tyres, you would also need a set of summer tyres in preparation for the warmer weather.

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