With a wealth of industry experience, at B.J. Banning Limited, we understand that if you begin to notice unusual signs from you car, this can be unnerving. We each get used to the way our car drives, and it is usually quite easy to tell when something isn’t quite right. However, this isn’t to say that regular car servicing isn’t important, even if you believe all to be well with your vehicle, as there are many signs that can easily go unnoticed.

Brakes form a vital component of your vehicle, so it is important that they are regularly checked and serviced as appropriate, ensuring the lifespan of your vehicle, and potentially averting the need for costly repair work.

Replacing brake pads may be necessary if you notice the following signs:


Is your brake pedal vibrating? Vibration when you press down on your brake pedal can often signal that your brakes are worn out, or that your brake pads are warped due to heat.

Vibration in the brake pedal is commonly known in the motoring industry as “pulsating brakes” and in cases such as this, the brake pads can either be re-machined or replaced with new ones.

Are your brake pads too thin?

By looking through the spokes of your wheel, you should be able to see your existing brake pads. Their appearance can tell you a lot about their health and whether or not they may need replacing. If you see lees than a quarter inch of the outside brake pad when looking through your wheel spokes, it is likely that replacing the brake pads will be necessary.

Are you Hearing a Clicking Sound?

Hearing unusual sounds from your vehicle can be very unsettling, particularly if you only begin to notice them on a long journey. If you hear a clicking sound when pressing your brakes, this is a sign that a replacement is in order.

Did you know that all car manufacturers install a device that prevents the brake pads from clicking as the brakes are depressed? The occurrence of a rattling sound is there to let you know a fault has developed.

Replacing brake pads may also be necessary if you hear a high-pitched screeching sound once the brake pedal has been fully pushed down.

Replacing Brake Pads if You Hear Grinding

The sound of grinding is one all drivers never want to hear. Unfortunately, if you hear a grinding sound it is not only your brake pads that need replacing. Such sounds are commonly caused by the brake disc and brake caliper rubbing together, due to the brake pad being completely worn down.

The highly qualified team at B.J. Banning Limited can help you if your brake pads need replacing and can offer comprehensive advice on other areas of your vehicle. Contact us today on 0121 327 2741, or by using our contact form.

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